Thursday 17 October 2019

'I got 554 so that's ok... I'm a bit disappointed' - Student fears he missed first choice but all not lost

Claire Fox

Claire Fox

Students in Dublin were delighted and relieved this morning after receiving their Leaving Certificate results but one high-achieving Dub has told how he fears it may not be enough.

In Belvedere College in Dublin's North Inner city, nervous students entered the school after 9am flanked by their parents and came out with happy faces.

Michael Killarney, from Drumcondra achieved 554 points and although he said he didn't get his first choice, he is confident that he will be able to study Law and Business in UCD.

He said: "I got 554 so that's ok. I'm a bit disappointed. It's probably roughly what I expected. I'm up a few points from the mocks. I'm about 30 points short.

"Law and Business was the aim, so hopefully I'll get it in UCD unless there's a freak sky rocket in results. I doubt that though. I'm happy. I was short of first preference so I'm not ecstatic but life will go on."

The teenager added that his parents have been a huge support to him and that it meant a lot to have them by his side as he opened his envelope this morning.

"In the school there's a huge emphasis on parents. Obviously, they're just as nervous as I was. It's a big day for them. They were happy and as long as the results worked out, they won't be too disappointed. I've two younger siblings and it's on to them now to take on the mantle."

Fellow Belvedere student, Lorcan Stannon from Castleknock said that he was delighted with the results after an agonising two-month wait.

"I was pretty worried about the Maths but I'm happy enough. I was hoping to do commerce in UCD. I'm glad to be finished school. It's good to get the results over with because it really hangs over you, it's a long wait."

Students in Mount Carmel Secondary School echoed the feelings of relief felt by the boys in Belvedere.

Alanus Duncan said that she had applied for various course and was hoping to go out tonight.

"I'll probably just go for a meal with friends. I'm delighted," said the teary 18-year-old.

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