Sunday 18 March 2018

Going to view your exam scripts and how they were marked

Viewing your scripts can help in deciding whether or not you wish to appeal
Viewing your scripts can help in deciding whether or not you wish to appeal

Aoife Walsh

STUDENTS who feel they should have been awarded a higher grade in one or more subjects have a golden opportunity to view the scripts of the exam(s) in questions to help decide whether it is worth their while applying for a recheck.

Viewing scripts can often put students' minds at ease because it allows them to see where marks were awarded and lost, and, in that way, assists in making an informed decision.

Students often feel comforted by viewing scripts if they are slightly off a minimum grade necessary to meet college entry requirements, or are a small number of points short of the CAO points cut-off for entry to their chosen course. Although it is not necessary to view exam scripts before applying for a recheck, it can be helpful as it is several weeks before the outcome of the recheck is known.

When students receive their results, they also receive a personalised form that may be used to apply for permission to view exam scripts. This form should be returned to the centre where the exams were taken, no later than next Tuesday, August 19. The written and aural component of any exam a student has requested will be made available. However, practical and oral work is not available and, if the student decides to have the exam rechecked, these components will be remarked at this stage.

Any script a student requests to view will be sent to the centre where the exams were taken - most commonly the candidate's school - and will be available for viewing on Friday and Saturday, August 29 and 30. Each candidate will be assigned a time to view their script, which may be Friday evening, Saturday am or Saturday pm.

It is not possible for someone to view the paper on behalf of the candidate, so it essential that students make themselves available for their assigned time. However, candidates may bring one other person with them and most opt to bring a parent or a teacher. Whoever is chosen, it should be someone who understands the course and the marking of the subject. For this reason it may best to ask a subject teacher. They are usually good enough to give up their time to do this, but it is a good idea to give them as much notice as possible.

It is not necessary for a student to be accompanied by their own subject teacher and there may be another teacher of the same subject available if the students own teacher cannot be present.

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