Thursday 17 October 2019

Exams 2019: Leaving Cert physics paper likely to have caught out short-cut takers

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Katherine Donnelly

Katherine Donnelly

STUDENTS who took short cuts with their revision will have been caught out with some questions on the Leaving Cert higher level Physics paper, said teacher Pat Doyle.

Overall, Mr Doyle, of Dublin’s Institute of Education,  described it as a nice paper that rewarded hard- working students .

He said the appearance , in Section A, of a widely- anticipated question on acceleration due to gravity would have pleased candidates.

According to Mr Doyle, all the Section A questions based on the experiments had appeared before, “even the little trick parts of the questions.”

In Section B, he noted that some of the questions combined topics from different parts of the course, and  this was where  “students who had taken short cuts with their revision will have been caught out.”

He said Q 11 was a very nice question on rivalries in physics - Tesla V’s Edison and Lise Meitner V’s Otto Hahn.   “It was nice to see a question on the paper that showed the frail, human and competitive side of scientists” said Mr Doyle.

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