Thursday 14 December 2017

Exam Diary: It's over, the stress is gone... now for a guilt-free Netflix binge

Exam student Bobbi Nic Eoin. Photo: Domnick Walsh
Exam student Bobbi Nic Eoin. Photo: Domnick Walsh

Bobbi Nic Eoin

Someone told me that they knew I was getting tired during the exams because I stopped using "big words" in my writing. I wasn't sure how to respond to this comment (thanks, Christopher!). A girl on Twitter wrote: "Fatigue, weather and exams are a disastrous combination", and I wholeheartedly agree.

It has been an increasingly difficult challenge to take out my books and study for the five days since my previous exams last week.

I finally dragged my unmotivated body and soul to my designated study zone.

The Leaving Cert has been a blur; all I remember is being fearfully apprehensive at the onset of exams with English Paper 1. But it's all over now! I was pretty happy with my Spanish exam yesterday, and my essay was about the importance of being active. I'm definitely not going to be dwelling on the importance of activity over the next few days. I will be permanently glued to the couch and my bed.

Chemistry was quite tricky at some points but in the overall scheme of things I was happy. I completely avoided the short questions. What were they?

As I write, I'm contemplating going out for an 'Open Mic Night' at the local establishment as I am sure it would be quite an entertaining affair. I can't sing, but my attempt of studying Spanish by listening to 'Despacito' may pay off!

My school days are over. I will no longer be in the claustrophobic clutches of that system. I know that third-level education is in my future, but at least it is optional. I remember when I started my first year of secondary school, I felt so old. Well, now I really feel as though I've aged.

The pressure and stress has been alleviated by the end of the exams. I rushed home and did… nothing!

I will have no nagging guilt in the back of my mind, nothing to procrastinate.

Even if you feel that the Leaving Cert didn't go to plan or the way you hoped or expected, you can forget about it for now.

My neglected Netflix account will now earn the attention, respect and love it deserves.

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