Sunday 25 August 2019

Exam Diary: I dreaded all my friends finishing a day before me


Elaine Murphy
Elaine Murphy

Elaine Murphy

After a few days off came what I viewed as the worst of them all, the day of the Spanish exam. It's not that I feared the exam itself, it's that I've been dreading the day all my friends would finish and I would still have to go home to study for accounting.

The thought that my pals would have the weight of the Leaving Cert lifted off their shoulders and I would have another excruciating day to go was, in my view, the worst thing that could possibly happen. Honestly, I can't say it wasn't tempting to drop accounting as a subject just to be finished that day earlier.

So, as my friends celebrated yesterday, I cleverly stayed away from my phone so I didn't grow overly jealous. The anticipation of the end is growing rapidly in my mind and, to be honest, I don't think I could handle it if it wasn't today.

The Spanish paper itself was a bit of a weird one. Now, I had prepared a range of topics to study for my opinion piece but never in a million years would I have predicted that the title 'Los animales son nuestra responsabilidad' would come up. Luckily I had learned off a climate-change essay and could easily manipulate it to how our actions affect animals.

Other than that, the paper was pretty standard. It wasn't the best Spanish paper I'd ever sat but it certainly wasn't the worst.

Accounting today and I feel pretty unprepared. I think it's because over the past two weeks it hasn't really got a look-in and accounting is the kind of subject where, if you're not constantly practising it, you lose it pretty quickly. Hopefully, my refresh last night will help me.

Then, it will all be over and I will be free.

Elaine Murphy is a student at Donabate Community College, Co Dublin

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