Monday 23 September 2019

Exam Diary: Exams are exhausting, but at least those rain dances worked to keep the sun jealousy at bay


Elaine Murphy
Elaine Murphy

Elaine Murphy

Now that Maths Paper One is done, everyone can take a deep breath and relax.

Week one of the Leaving Cert is finally over. It doesn't matter whether the week went horrifically or not, because it's done. We can officially say that we have completed week one. Yay us!

Most people I spoke to were very pleased with the ordinary level paper as it didn't really throw in too many surprises.

I managed to leave the room a half an hour early, which gave me more time to get home and do nothing for the rest of the day (except write this, of course). Lucky me!

Personally, I think the past few days have flown by. I really hope that that's how the next week and a half will go, because these exams are exhausting me.

Getting out of bed yesterday morning was the battle of a lifetime.

Hopefully, I won't notice the days go by next week and, before I know it, I'll wake up and the Leaving Cert will be over.

The only problem is, I know that the chances of that happening are very slim.

I'm not concentrating on next week just yet though. I am going to try to enjoy my weekend and soak up the non-existent sun. To tell you the truth, I'm actually over the moon with this rainy weather we are having.

You see, there's no way you can be jealous of others enjoying themselves in the sun if the sun isn't here.

I don't know whose rain dances worked, but I'm very grateful to those who performed that very sacred and legitimate ritual.

So to any sixth year reading this: please try to enjoy your weekend.

Don't just sit at your desk all day every day staring at a sheet of paper hoping that the information will somehow teleport from the page into your head - it's just not going to work.

Go take a walk, go out for dinner with your friends or just go to the shops and buy yourself something nice.

You are more important than your exams.

Also, I'm sure that your Irish essays won't miss you too much if you leave them in your bag for a few hours.

Elaine Murphy is a student at Donabate College, Co Dublin

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