Sunday 19 January 2020

Exam Diary: Eventful day for Ireland, Leo and me was all about History

Student Bobbi Nic Eoin. Photo: Domnick Walsh
Student Bobbi Nic Eoin. Photo: Domnick Walsh

Bobbi Nic Eoin

My hand is angry with me. I have been using it too much for the past week, especially yesterday for the History exam. It's begging and pleading with me to give it a break and I keep telling it that it'll all be over soon. Prevail. I have a permanent blue ink stain on my hand, a tattoo as a reminder of my struggle. But now I am free, well kind of. I have a long, luxurious five-day break and then my last exams.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the History paper. While I have to admit I was very disappointed that the "Sunningdale Agreement" didn't show up, the beautiful "American Gandhi", Martin Luther King Jr, graced students with his presence.

I heard someone say, "I don't want to throw out all of my History books, I'm not ready to let go of the past." Well I am, I'm ready for the Leaving Cert to be a long distant memory.

History, I apologise for my absence yesterday, you probably didn't notice, but I was struck with a monstrous migraine in the middle of my Biology exam on Tuesday. It was very bad luck, and the Biology paper wasn't very kind. It wasn't terrible but why were so many important chapters absent? I missed the blood, monera, protista, fungi, digestion and the heart chapters. Where were you when I needed you and studied you?

I needed you, you were important to me.

I thought that a genetic cross would have been guaranteed as last year it didn't make an appearance, but no. That would be too obvious.

Yesterday was not just the day of the History exam, it was also a significant day in history.

Leo Varadkar became the youngest Taoiseach since the Free State was founded.

I really enjoyed his speech at the Dáil, where the secret was out that he had attended a pilates class with Gerry Adams, who I studied in History. It put a spectacular image in my mind.

I think it is amazing that the Taoiseach can be a man who wasn't even legally allowed to marry before May 2015.

All in all, I think it was a pretty eventful day for Ireland and me. I can smell and almost touch the end of this journey and I look longingly forward to the freedom.

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