Thursday 20 June 2019

Exam Diary: All your prayers paid off when Plath came up - but now my books are in the recycling bin


Elaine Murphy
Elaine Murphy

Elaine Murphy

The school was filled with anxious students yesterday morning, each one with their own predictions about what questions were going to be asked.

I was a nervous wreck going into the exam centre with the anxiety of not knowing what was yet to come. I'd like to thank anyone who said a prayer for me yesterday because all of your hard work paid off - Plath came up in the poetry section.

From talking with other students, I noticed that it was a pretty mixed bag of responses to this English Paper 2. Students either came out loving or hating it. I really liked it. I feel like it treated me well for the most part and, for the first time in my life, I actually didn't mind answering a 'Macbeth' question.

As soon as I got home I had the pleasure of throwing all of my English books and hardbacks into the recycling bin. I was filled with infinite joy when I realised that I would never have to write a comparative, drama or poetry essay ever again unless it was of my own free will. Although the sudden awakening did offer me immense happiness, it did also bring a glimmer of sadness. I had thoroughly enjoyed my English classes over the past few years and will miss them as they opened up a great number of opportunities for me (including writing this article).

Now it's time to focus on Maths Paper 1, which takes place today. I will be sitting the ordinary level paper so I didn't feel under a huge amount of pressure in terms of revision and study. The same thing probably can't be said for those sitting the dreaded higher level paper. I wish anyone sitting that paper the best of luck because from someone looking from the outside in it seems like the most daunting paper a student could sit.

Nevertheless, we will battle through these next exams, much like we have the others. Good luck everyone and I'm sure you'll all get the grade you want and deserve.

Elaine Murphy is a student at Donabate Community College, Co Dublin

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