Tuesday 21 January 2020

Despite easy start, Leaving Certificate Business paper was more challenging than usual

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Katherine Donnelly

Katherine Donnelly

Despite an easy start with the short questions, the Leaving Certificate higher level business paper was more challenging than in recent years, according to teacher Keith Hannigan of the Institute of Education, Dublin.

He said the short questions had an EU flavour, which students would have been expecting, were "very manageable", while there were some novel twists in the Applied Business Question (ABQ) and long questions.

Mr Hannigan said weaker students would have found Section 2, applied business, "quite challenging" including the last question on 'controllers and facilitators', which was new.

He said Section 3 Question 1, dealing with relationships between stakeholders, was "fine" although the (C) part, where students were asked what legislation protected the consumers  after it  was discovered that batteries in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were prone to catching fire, was "more challenging". That required "quite a bit of thinking", he said.

Mr Hannigan said Question 2 was "quite challenging" and added it was “surprising that business types did not appear". He thought Question 4 was harder than in previous years: "The data protection act came up, but in a rather complicated manner, with students being asked to write a report."

But the paper wrapped up on a positive note, according to  Mr Hannigan, who  described  questions 5,  6 and  7 as  “ lovely”, “manageable” and "nice", respectively.

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