Saturday 24 February 2018

Blackrock triplets celebrate their top results as Daire secures eight A1s

Daire Brady (18), a Blackrock College student who received eight A1s.
Daire Brady (18), a Blackrock College student who received eight A1s.
From left to right: Triplets Oisin, Daire, and Tristan as they collected their Leaving Cert results in Blackrock College Dublin.
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

Triplets Daire, Oisin, and Tristan Brady (18) from Blackrock College plan to hit the town to celebrate their excellent results tonight.

Daire secured eight A1s in Maths, Geography, Spanish, Applied Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, and Economics.

All three brothers plan to study at UCD.  Daire plans to study Economics and Finance in UCD, while Oisin will study Business and Law, and Tristan will study Economics and Geography.

Daire told “I’m just thrilled. I was quite surprised to be honest, I didn’t expect to do that well.”

The top student secured his excellent result, even while recovering from a rugby-related shoulder injury this year.

“I played a lot of rugby but I had to give it up because of a recurring shoulder injury and I had a few operations as well. It was never really a struggle to balance the two and I was very disappointed when I had to give up rugby. But it gave me more time to work.”

“They (Oisin and Tristan) were big rugby players as well. They were playing all the way to March.”

While the brothers are competitive in rugby and golf, they were a solid support to each other academically this year.

“We gave each other a lot of help, and interchanged notes from a teacher that may have been really good, or notes from grinds if one of us was getting them. We’d just help each other out in any area that we needed.”

“We’ve just been supportive of each other. We’d say ‘come on, let’s do some work’ if one of us wasn’t working.”

“I’m competitive on the pitch and off the pitch. We were just supportive of each other with study, but we’re very competitive with each other with rugby and golf.”

School principal Alan McGinnity praised Daire as an exceptional student.

“This is an exceptional result in both an Irish context and a Blackrock context. We expected him to do well.”

“He plays rugby and he got a shoulder injury at Christmas and he wasn’t able to play. So at least this is some consolation for that.”

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