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Are you smart enough for the Leaving Cert? Here are some of the questions in today’s geography paper


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Let’s play ‘Are you smarter than a Leaving Cert student’?

Pupils around the country sat down for their geography paper this morning, scribbling through reading comprehensions and searching for divine essay inspiration.

We’ve taken some snippets from this year’s higher level paper, so you can dust off your geography skills and put yourself to the test.

Do you know your stalagmites from your stalactites? Which essays would you have gone for? Could you do it all in under three hours? Why not give it a go?

We have compiled some of the short questions to give you a teaser. Try and match up the examples of regions with a type of region.

Concept of a Region:

(i) Complete the table below by matching each of the examples of regions in the list, with

the type of region most associated with it in the table.

Examples of Regions:

  • Munster Ridge and Valley region
  • Basque Country
  • Cool Temperate Oceanic region
  • Milan
  • Mezzogiorno
  • Sligo-Leitrim Constituency

Type of Region:

  • Climatic region
  • Urban region
  • Peripheral region
  • Administrative region in
  • Ireland
  • Geomorphological region
  • Cultural region

(ii) Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false by ticking () the

correct box.

(a) Core regions experience net emigration.


(b) High unemployment and abandoned factories are associated with regions of industrial decline.


Don’t forget to keep an eye on the clock – this shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

If everything has gone to plan, and you’ve breezed through short questions, now try out one of the long questions, which might take you around 30-45 minutes to complete.

4A. Map Skills

Draw an outline map of a Continental / Sub-Continental region (not in Europe) that you have studied.

On it, show and name each of the following:

  • The outline of a named feature of relief (upland or lowland)
  • A named urban centre
  • The outline of a named agricultural or industrial region
  • The course of a named river.

4B. Secondary Economic Activity

Explain any two factors that have influenced the development of secondary economic activity in an Irish region that you have studied.

4C. The European Union 

 Explain each of the following challenges currently facing the European Union:

  • Social challenges
  • Economic challenges.

Now take a quick minute to look back over everything, scribble some last-minute additions in the margins, soothe your undoubtedly cramping writing hand, and you’re done!

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