Tuesday 28 January 2020

Applying for a recheck of results - and how much it costs

Any discrepancy on a script needs to be notified to the school immediately
Any discrepancy on a script needs to be notified to the school immediately
Aoife Walsh

Aoife Walsh

CANDIDATES seeking a recheck must complete a form, which is available from their school. All elements of the exam will be reassessed according to the marking scheme.

If, on viewing a script, a candidate notices a discrepancy between the mark on their script and the grade they received they should contact the school's superintendent or organising superintendent immediately. This may be as a result of an administration error and does not need to go through the normal appeals procedures. However, it is prudent also to appeal through normal procedures, in case the claim is turned down.

If a candidate believes that he/she has received an incorrect grade for any other reason, they must go through the recheck procedure. Requests may be made online or in paper form, with a fee of €40 for a Leaving Cert (established) subject and €15.50 for a Leaving Certificate Applied subject.

Forms must be received by the State Examinations Commission (SEC) no later than Wednesday, September 3. Therefore, a candidate should return them to the school as early as possible so the principal can approve the appeal and forward it in good time. Even if applying for a recheck online, candidates should return a copy of the application to the school, so any exam work stored by the school can be returned to the examiner's office.

The outcome of the rechecks will not be available until October, so candidates must make decisions around accepting courses without the results. If it is found that they missed out on a place as a result of not receiving the correct grade initially then they should contact the CAO (email is often best) to discuss the possibility of changing courses. Such students often decide to remain in the course they have begun, as they have already made friends, found accommodation and settled in.

There is always the possibility that a candidate's grade could be downgraded as well as upgraded therefore students should take the decision to apply for a recheck with caution. In 2013, candidates appealed a total 9,100 grades. This resulted in 1,637 upgrades, while there were three downgrades.

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