Saturday 23 June 2018

5pm deadline for Leaving Cert students wishing to appeal grades

A 1pc increase in the mark could mean five extra points.
A 1pc increase in the mark could mean five extra points.

Leaving Cert students who wish to appeal any of their exam results must apply to their schools to view their scripts by close of business today.

Applicants who missed out on an offer by a small number of points may consider it worthwhile viewing exam papers and seeking a recheck.

Although it is not necessary to view papers in order to appeal a grade, it can be helpful.

You will not be charged to view an exam script, but if you do decide to appeal it will cost you €40 for each subject, or €15.50 for each Leaving Cert Applied subject.

Scripts will be viewed on Friday, August 28th and Saturday, August 29th, and appeals must be submitted to the State Examinations Commission by September 2.

When viewing your script, look for possible mistakes in the application of the marking scheme, as well as sections the examiner may have missed and the possibility of marks being added up incorrectly.

Also take heed of how close your mark is to the next grade band. A 1pc increase in the mark could mean five extra points.

If an appeal results in an upgrade and this mistake means that an applicant missed out on an offer, arrangements will be made to rectify this.

However, results of recheck will not be available until mid-October so applicants should consider alternatives in case it does not result in an upgrade. It is very important to consider the reasons you believe a grade is incorrect.

These reasons should then be outlined in the AP1 form in as much detail as possible. These will mean that the examiner reviewing your script will have to address each of these issues specifically when remarking the script, and also address them when outlining the reasons for awarding an upgrade, or not, as the case may be. This can be difficult for students as they are not permitted to bring pens into the viewing area, or take photographs etc. Students may bring a different teacher for each paper they may be viewing, but the candidate must be present at all times.

After being notified of the result of their appeal, candidates can once again view their papers and the new marks.

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