Thursday 19 April 2018

Exam Diary: Sunny days add to the torture of exam fatigue

Leaving Cert diarist Ellie Walsh. Photo: John Power
Leaving Cert diarist Ellie Walsh. Photo: John Power

Ellie Walsh

THE Sunny South East is finally beginning to live up to its name. For the first time this Leaving Cert season, the sun made an appearance.

While writing this diary, the temperature reached a balmy 17C, not quite a heatwave, but close. My authentically Irish white legs even have a few splodges of sunburn to celebrate the good weather.

If that wasn't a viable excuse to let the books gather dust, I don't know what is. My study patterns are usually nocturnal, or so I kept telling myself.

Unfortunately this procrastination leaves room for dissecting the last week's exams.

Patience has never been my forte but a waiting time of two months for results seems to be a bit excessive. The suspense is starting to make me itchy.

Will the bonus points drag my maths grade up from the pits? Will my rushed Sylvia Plath essay be punished? Was the grammar in my Irish essay laughable? I had to get a hit of 'Breaking Bad' to calm my panicked train of thought.

Yesterday, however, was the day of Business and Art. I don't know a soul doing business but I have friends doing art.

Apparently, the paper was "a dream". For many, the cherry on top was that it was their final exam. I can't bring myself to talk to them because I know they'll drain any bit of motivation from me.

This weekend will be a thoroughly trying test of will and stamina to stay on the straight and narrow. All I can do is delete Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and any other social media from my life to avoid the computerised whoops for joy.

But with nothing but blue skies and a smattering of fluffy clouds on the horizon, things shall be grim. My penultimate exam isn't until Wednesday.

Yes, I will admit that the ever growing pile of redundant books in my room is a relief.

The thoughts of never opening log tables again makes me delirious with joy.

When this is all over, there will be plenty to toast.

Ellie Walsh is a pupil at

Ard Scoil na nDeise, Dungarvan, Co Waterford

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