Saturday 17 March 2018

What lies ahead

With the Junior Cert laying the foundations of the senior level cycle, Terry Fahy, principal of Yeats College Galway, has some advice for studying over the next few months

THE Junior Certificate continues to be of huge importance to students as it prepares them for the next few years of their lives. This supplement contains expert advice on the best approach for several Junior Certificate subjects. Be sure to follow this advice as part of a structured revision timetable in which as many subjects as possible are covered each day for about forty minutes each. Make a list of areas you wish to cover in each subject if your teacher has not already provided one for you; concentrate on learning and on testing your knowledge by reading through examination questions. When you discover gaps in your knowledge, and you should find several, revise the material before marking that section as being completed. Dedicate as much time as possible to this kind of work right up to the minutes before each examination begins. You will reap the rewards of such an effort and you will enjoy the long summer holidays proud of your performance. It will be well worth the effort.

At Yeats College, one of our primary goals is to instil a sense of motivation in students. You are preparing for an important exam, which will set your course through third-level, and you are also going through a rite of passage to adulthood. That is why we say to you: "Seize your dream and make your ambitions a reality".

The journey over the next months is not an easy one, but once the decision is made to take it seriously, it becomes a lot easier. With the right mindset, this journey can be fascinating and exhilarating.

Success is built on daily little steps and good habits, and the small amount of discipline it takes to follow through on these. If you are reserving time, make sure it is quality time. Establish one-hour or half-hour goals and go for them.

Becoming truly self-aware of your situation is a key step to take at the outset. Where am I at and where do I want to be? In keeping to the goal of where you want to be in mind, you can focus on the small, incremental changes that you need to make to get there. Self-awareness means being honest with yourself and your situation. It takes a heightened sense of maturity to move beyond the comfort zone that may be preventing you from achieving your potential. That is why self-awareness is the key first step to taking control of your future.

Support is integral to the mission of Yeats College. At our two campuses, in Galway and in Waterford, we provide a nurturing environment for students who wish to make that mental shift. They are matching their natural curiosity and love of learning with a desire to succeed. The right atmosphere means the right learning environment. The road to the Leaving Cert should not be a solitary one, and at Yeats College, our committed staff support the students, but the students also support each other.

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