Thursday 14 December 2017

Sample answers


The map shows part of the Middle-East.

(i)Name the country labelled X. Saudi Arabia

(ii)Name the source of energy with which country X is associated. Oil

(iii)Is the type of energy associated with country X renewable or non-renewable? Non-renewable


Which of the following are all examples of sedimentary rocks? [Tick (÷) the correct box.]

(i)Granite, limestone and quartzite÷

(ii)Granite, marble and quartzite÷

(iii)Marble, coal and sandstone÷

(iv)Sandstone, limestone and shale÷✔


The photograph shows limestone that has been weathered.

Circle the correct option in each of the statements below:

(i)This weathered limestone is called limestone footpath / limestone pavement. Limestone pavement

(ii)This feature is formed by chemical weathering / mechanical weathering. Chemical weathering

(iii)An example of this feature can be found in The Burren, Co. Clare / Giant's Causeway, Co. Antrim.

The Burren, Co Clare

River erosion and deposition

The diagram shows a river meandering. The statements below refer to the diagram.

One of the statements is correct. Tick (÷) the box opposite the correct statement.

The river is:

(i)Eroding at B and depositing at A÷

(ii)Eroding at B and depositing at C÷

(iii)Eroding at A and depositing at C÷✔

(iv)Eroding at C and depositing at D÷

The work of moving ice

Which of the following are all features of glacial erosion?

(i)Fjord, moraine, pyramidal peak÷

(ii)Arête, cirque, U-shaped valley÷✔

(iii)Boulder clay, cirque, hanging valley÷

(iv)Arête, cirque, drumlin÷


The work of the sea

Which of the following are all features of sea erosion?

(i)Blow hole, headland, tombolo÷

(ii)Blow hole, sea cliff, sea stack÷✔

(iii)Beach, sea arch, sea cave,÷

(iv)Beach, sand spit, tombolo÷


The map shows the location of each of three climate types.

Name the climate in each region shown in the spaces provided.

(i)The climate in region A: Tundra

(ii)The climate in region B: Hot Desert

(iii)The climate in region C: Equatorial

Settlement patterns

Examine the sketch maps labelled A, B and C.

(i)The type of settlement pattern shown in sketch map A is nucleated.

(ii)The type of settlement pattern shown in sketch map B is dispersed.

(iii)The type of settlement pattern shown in sketch map C is linear.

Manufacturing industry

Industries sometimes do not move to new locations, even when changing locational factors suggest that they should do so. This is called:

(i) Industrial inertia÷✔

(ii) Industrial decline÷

(iii) Industrial relocation÷

(iv) Industrial infrastructure÷


Manufacturing industry

Indicate which three of the statements below are true by ticking (÷) the correct box.

1.Heavy industries are usually located in industrial estates at the edges of cities or large towns.

2.Capital is the money required to set up and run a factory.

3.Factories are systems with inputs, processes and outputs.

4.Britain's iron and steel industry migrated from coastal locations to coal field locations.

5. A footloose industry is one that can be situated equally successfully in a wide variety of locations.

(i) 1, 2, 3÷

(ii) 2, 3, 4÷

(iii) 2, 3, 5÷✔

(iv) 3, 4, 5÷

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