Tuesday 20 February 2018

Mind your French

Stephanie Keane, French teacher with Yeats College provides top advice on doing a successful Junior Cert French exam

The Junior Certificate Higher Level French Paper comprises the following sections:

Section I

Listening comprehension. This offers 140 marks, 44% of your total marks, and you should allocate 40 minutes to it.

Section II

Reading comprehensions. There is a total of 100 marks up for grabs here, or 31% of the marks, but you should spend longer on this section: 60 minutes.

Section III

Written expression. This section is divided into two questions. The note or postcard, worth 30 marks, should take about 15 minutes. The letter, 50 marks, should take around 25 minutes.

NOTE: Allow 10 minutes to read over your work. Do not leave any answer blank in either the listening comprehension or the reading comprehensions. You never know, you might be correct.

The listening section

The CD with your Junior Cert papers contains the Listening Comprehensions. When you place it into your computer, an option will come up to view the scripts for each year. Print off the scripts.

Now you can practise at home with the Junior Cert papers. Try do two sections per week. Once you are done you can check your answers in the script. Following that, listen to the section again...this time with the script in front of you.

Pull out vocabulary and place this vocabulary into a vocabulary copy. Vocabulary is key in this part of the paper as the same words tend to come up over and over again.

Attempt each question - don't leave blanks.

Reading comprehensions

You should be completing a couple of comprehensions each week from the Junior Cert papers in class or yourself at home. Improving comprehension skills comes from practice, practice, practice.

Whilst you are doing these comprehensions you should have a vocabulary copy and transfer into that any word that you had to look up in a dictionary. You should be learning 35 new words per week.

I also highly recommend translating one comprehension from French to English every week. This will greatly improve your comprehension skills.

Attempt each question - don't leave blanks!

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