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Example Question: 1999

Question 4: People in history

A. Select one of the people described below. Write about that person.

(i)An archaeologist at work. (20)

(ii)The life and work of a serf on a medieval manor. (20)

(iii)A named leader of a voyage of discovery during the Age of Explorations. (20)

Answer 4 A (ii)

My name is John White and I am a serf on Lord Derby's manor. Since I am a serf I am not allowed to leave the village without my lord's permission. I am also obliged to labour for my Lord for three days every week. SRS Since our local priest does not work we all have to pay a tax called a tithe to support the Church. The tithe is set at 10% of what we produce every year. SRS My house has just a single room, no windows and no chimney. The walls were built using the wattle and daub technique. It has a thatch roof. SRS We rarely eat meat. The sheriff caught one of our neighbours poaching for deer in the Lord's forest. As this was not the first he was caught, he was hanged. SRS We eat a lot of bread, cheese and pottage. We find it safer to drink ale than water first time from the river. SRS I wear a woollen tunic and woollen leggings. My wife also wears a woollen tunic. She also wears a headdress called a wimple. SRS Our manor is farmed rather than using the open-field method. All the peasants' sheep, goats and cattle graze on a large meadow called the commons. The rest of the land is divided into strips where different crops are grown. SRS We have learned that we need to rotate the crops sowed in the soil and we need to leave the soil lie fallow every third year. If we don't do this the soil loses its fertility. SRS

Marking scheme: 8 x SRSs at 2 marks = 16 + overall mark 4 = 20

Question 5: Sources and questions

This question will be based on Section II of the syllabus, 'Studies of Change', this will usually be covered during second year. There are five broad topics within this section of the course, namely the Age of Exploration, the Reformation, the Plantations in Ireland, Revolutionary movements in America, France and Ireland, and the Industrial Revolution. You will be given two or three documents relating to one of the five topics listed above. The documents may be pieces of text or visual sources. This question is worth 30 marks (17% of total) and you should allow around 25 minutes.

There will be questions worth 2 marks which require you to extract information from the documents. Keep your answers brief for these. There will also be essay type questions worth between 8 and 12 marks. For a 12 mark question you should be aiming to write about one full page. Questions may ask you to explain the causes of an event, or they may ask you to discuss the consequences, effects, benefits etc. arising from an event. For example, if you were asked to discuss the consequences of Columbus's voyages of discovery, details about the construction and names of his ships will not score any marks. Instead you will need to focus on how the voyages impacted on the Native American people and what consequences these voyages had for European nations.

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