Thursday 5 December 2019

Examiners demonstrate the art of keeping students happy

Jessica Nelkin, from Rathfarnham, who sat the Leaving Cert Business Higher Level paper at Stratford College in Rathgar. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Jessica Nelkin, from Rathfarnham, who sat the Leaving Cert Business Higher Level paper at Stratford College in Rathgar. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Katherine Donnelly

Katherine Donnelly

LC Business and LC Art - Very practical, up-to-date and relevant was how Padraig Doherty of Moyne Community School, Co Longford, and Business Teachers Association of Ireland described the Leaving Certificate Business Higher Level paper.

Philip Curry, a teacher at Ashfield College in Dublin, agreed, although he thought part C of the Applied Business Question, which focused on business expansion, would have been challenging for weaker students.

Keith Hannigan of the Institute of Education, Dublin, said in Section 3, Question 3, for the first time, the European Union wasn't examined but the question that did appear was manageable.

Mr Doherty said there was "something for everyone on the ordinary level paper".

At Mount St Michael School, Roscarberry, Co Cork, teacher Liz Morissey, of the ASTI, said her pupils were "very happy" with Leaving Certificate Art papers, at both levels. Ample choice and a paper that gave students the opportunity to display their knowledge and visual awareness was how teacher Angela Griffith described the higher level paper.

Ms Griffith, of the Institute of Education in Dublin, said, in the Irish section, students should have been pleased that there was no comparison across periods or media, which has happened on past papers.

While both the Impressionist and Surrealist questions in the European section looked at lesser-known works, they were illustrated, allowing students to demonstrate their visual analysis skills, she said.

She said that given the popularity of graphic novels, many should have enjoyed the animation question in the Appreciation section.

JC Science and JC Religion

If teacher Mairead Glynn's students represent the mood of Junior Certificate Science candidates after yesterday's papers, they should all be happy.

Ms McGlynn of Tallaght Community School, Dublin, and the TUI said those she met were "very positive".

Another teacher, Ger Curtin of Beneavin College, Finglas, Dublin, and the ASTI agreed that both papers were straightforward, with good diagrams and no surprises. He thought the higher level Question 8 on two heat experiments was "very nice".

Commenting on the afternoon's Religious Education papers, Jane Craig Elliott of St Patrick's College, Cavan, and the ASTI said there was nothing out of the ordinary on the ordinary level paper, while the higher level paper was "fairly doable with some nice questions".

She raised an issue about a higher level question on world religions, covering Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.

It asked students to profile the religious beliefs expressed in a prayer associated with one of those religions and she wondered how many students would know such a prayer.

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