Sunday 25 February 2018

Applied measure

Applied measure involves calculating, interpreting and applying units of measure and time. This could include calculations of speed, distance and time as well as analysing nets of rectangular solids and cylinders. Problems under this heading also include finding the length of the perimeter and the area of a circle, triangle, rectangle, square and shapes made up of a combination of these. Diagrams are essential in analysing and identifying key information to help you solve these types of problems and don't forget to include units in your answers

Sample question

The students in a PE class are doing a fitness test.

Each student runs from the baseline of the gym to the halfway line of the gym, and back again. This is called a lap. They run a number of laps in the fitness test.

The graph below shows Miriam's distance from the baseline for her first lap.

(i)From the graph, how long did it take Miriam to complete her first lap?

14 seconds

(ii)From the graph, how far is the baseline of the gym from the halfway line of the gym?

30 metres

(iii)For her second lap, Miriam increases her average speed to 5 metres per second. On the diagram, continue the graph to show her distance from the baseline over the course of this lap.

No working out required - for each second you either go up or down by 5 m.

Or working can involve, for a half lap:

time = distance = 30 = 6s

speed 5

time for a full lap = 12s

And then include on the diagram.

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