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Friday 23 August 2019

Advice for parents 

The Junior Cert is the first state examination your son/daughter will partake in. Your help and guidance will be invaluable in assisting them with organisational skills, revision strategies, time management and final exam preparations. Talk through the course content with your child, devise a working study-plan together, help them to note-take and condense learning material. Quite often, inexperienced exam students like Junior Certs, find themselves wading through pages and pages of text books without any particular goal or...

For the love of Irish 

Welcome to Irish Exam Brief 2015. I hope the mock examinations went well and more importantly I hope they gave you an insight into the personal areas you can improve on between now and the state examination in June. If you haven't done so already, I would advise you to study your mock script in detail, calculate the result in each particular section and identify areas that need further attention. In this brief I will take each section of the papers in turn and give you both exam tips and study tips for approaching each question.

What lies ahead 

THE Junior Certificate continues to be of huge importance to students as it prepares them for the next few years of their lives. This supplement contains expert advice on the best approach for several Junior Certificate subjects. Be sure to follow this advice as part of a structured revision timetable in which as many subjects as possible are covered each day for about forty minutes each. Make a list of areas you wish to cover in each subject if your teacher has not already provided one for you; concentrate on learning and on testing...

Times past 

When studying history make sure that you are not simply reading your textbook without doing any writing. As you read make your own notes. Keep these notes as brief as you can. Make note of things such as key terms, personalities and dates. Within each topic or chapter sort your notes under the following headings, the three Cs: causes, course, consequences. The textbook will help you to understand the events but your notes should be condensed down to the bare facts that you need to learn in order to be able to write a detailed and...

Past Paper analysis 

2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008AAncient civilisation outside Ireland Monk Early Christian Monastery Archaeologist Ancient civilisation Archaeologist Ancient civilisation outside Ireland Ancient Irish civilisationAAncient Irish civilisation Lord/Lady of a Medieval castleRenaissance painter outside ItalyEarly Christian Monk in a monasteryLord/Lady of a Medieval castleMonk Early Christian IrelandLord/Lady in a medieval castleAIrish person who lost land during a plantationReformation reformerSettler on a plantation Reformation reformer Plantation...

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