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Exam Brief 2017: Your Guide to the Junior & Leaving Cert exams


The Irish Independent and Yeats College is delighted to publish its annual Exam Brief series, beginning on Wednesday, January 18th.

Exam Brief is a comprehensive guide series to both Junior and Leaving Certificate students and teachers with 5 issues dedicated to in-depth coverage of Leaving Cert subjects and 2 issues focusing on the Junior Cert. Each subject will be explored in full with sample answers advice on study techniques, exam answer strategy and timings to maximise student’s potential in their June exams.

Subjects dealt with and publication dates are:
Maths - Wednesday, January 18th
Languages - Wednesday, January 25th
Sciences - Wednesday, February 1st
Business & Finance - Wednesday, February 8th
Other Subjects - Wednesday, February 15th

Part One (English, Maths(H), History, Geography,  French) - Wednesday, March 1st
Part Two (Maths (O), Science, Business Studies, Irish, Home Economics) - Wednesday, March 8th

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