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Education Minister expresses concern over use of JobBridge to hire teachers and SNAs

Education Minister Jan O'Sullivan has expressed concern over the use of the government's JobBridge scheme to hire teachers and special needs assistants( SNAs)

It emerged today that 182 individuals have taken up work in education over the past month, according figures released by the Department of Social Protection.

Furthermore, some 43 schools are currently advertising for 56 SNAs through JobBridge.

Speaking in Dublin today, Ms O'Sullivan said she will carry out an examination of the use of the controversial job placement scheme by schools across the country.

"It's something that certainly I will be examining in terms of what basis schools are hiringĀ  people through JobBridge," she said.

Ms O'Sullivan said the scheme is operated by the Department of Social Protection and has been successful in assisting people in returning to work.

She added that she does not want to see job replacement in the education sector.

"I certainly want to be sure that there is no abuse of any way of the JobBridge scheme," Ms O'Sullivan said.

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