Thursday 22 March 2018

DIARY: Two English papers down – that’s 
my least favourite subject over with

Parth Gautam

I WAS really nervous yesterday morning, especially since English is 
my hardest subject and it was two papers.

Before I went into the exam hall I stood outside chatting with some of my friends.

We were discussing what would come up and what we had revised and this made me feel even worse.

Overall, however, I feel the day went better than expected, with Paper One going the best out of the two.

Thankfully there wasn’t as much writing involved as I had anticipated, which was great as I was worrying about my hand cramping.

The personal writing section was probably the hardest as the formats I had been revising didn’t come up.

Funnily enough I ended up choosing the topic Everything had changed in 90 minutes’ and I wrote about the morning that had just been and taking the first English exam.

With Paper Two I wrote more and filled the exam booklet which I hope is a good sign.

The fiction part was the most straightforward. I had to answer questions on a story about two 
Mayan children searching for a swift’s nest.

It was a little surreal but nice to write about.

Unfortunately the unseen poetry didn’t go as well.

It was a strange poem called A Boy’s Head’ and it was really difficult to answer questions on.

I looked back over previous papers and felt the format of the poem was very different to what had gone before.

But I’m trying not to worry about it and focus on the positives now I 
have my least favourite subject over with.

My next exam is Irish and I’m feeling more confident about it and the languages in general.

As long as I keep reading over my prose and have some stock answers prepared I should be OK.

I’ve been trying to get a good night’s sleep through the revision and exam period so I’ve been taking some down time around dinner and then studying again to about 10pm.

Parth (15) is a student at co-educational Sandford Park School.

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