Friday 23 August 2019

Comedian gets bomb and rape threats over article in exam

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Callum Lavery

An illustrator and comedian said she has received "hundreds of threats" after an article she wrote appeared in this year's Junior Cert English exam paper.

Dublin-born Aoife Dooley said the messages she received from students included rape threats, bomb threats and even threats to cut off her legs.

"I'm all up for having a joke but this really has gone too far, ridiculously far and it's just not funny anymore," Ms Dooley told the Irish Independent.

"People saying 'just block [the users issuing threats]', eh, you try having every teenager in the country message you, [it's] not that easy.

"D*** pictures from 15-year-olds, rape, bombing my house are literally some of the messages I've been getting.

"If you have a son or daughter, please talk to them about this and explain why it's not funny or OK."

The abuse has become so overwhelming, the young comedian said she has been forced to de-activate her social media accounts.

"It's really making me consider the work I do and if it's worth it at all after this," Ms Dooley said.

A spokesperson for the State Exams Commission said they do not advise authors in advance that their work may appear on the paper to "maintain the security and confidentiality" of the exam.

The spokesperson said they believe the treatment Ms Dooley has experienced "is completely unacceptable".

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