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College students to receive exam results late - three weeks into new term


The University of Limerick

The University of Limerick

The University of Limerick

College students at the University of Limerick will receive their exam results three weeks late due to an 'ongoing review of the Students Records System'.

Students were due to receive their results for their first semester exams on January 22.

However, students will now be three weeks into the new term before they know if they have passed their exams and can continue the term at the university.

The announcement of the delay was made on the official Students’ Union Facebook page.

It detailed the change through a message from the university’s Student Academic Administration, which is the body responsible for handling exam results at the institution. The same announcement was also made on Student Academic Administration’s (SAA) Facebook page that morning.

“The Union learned the changed date on Tuesday," the University of Limerick Students' Union wrote on Facebook.

"The Union immediately contacted the university to seek further explanation and a possible resolution for students before announcing to the wider student body.

"Due to issues beyond our control we were unable to return a positive outcome at the time.

“Your representatives have met and discussed your concerns and issues with senior university staff," the post continued.

"The Union completely understands and agrees that this delay has impacted students unfairly and wish to reassure you that your points have been brought forward to the university.”

The Students’ Union is also urging students to continue their feedback on the issue.

A later email from the university’s Vice-president, Paul McCutcheon, to all students repeated the original announcement.

“The university regrets the delay in the issuing of results and recognises the inconvenience this causes," the email read.

"We are determined to ensure the integrity of results and will endeavour to ensure that this delay is not repeated.”

The email also notified students of the change in the fees payment date from January 23 to February 6. 

The incident comes a month after the personal information of several students was mistakenly made available to all students and staff at the university through the Student Academic Administration online system.


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