Friday 13 December 2019

Classroom Confidential with AA Roadwatch's Arwen Foley

Arwen Foley
Arwen Foley

John Costello

She may have been a shy geology geek, but Arwen Foley's turn in Oklahoma had a transformational effect.

So, was school the stuff of sweet dreams or nightmares?

It was a very happy place.

And where exactly did you spend these idyllic teenage years?

I went to Holy Child in Killiney, Co Dublin.

Very posh indeed.

It had a reputation for being a posh school but the teachers kept our feet in the ground!

Who was your favourite?

Patricia Baines taught me geography and turned me into the geology nerd I am today. I still get very excited about the Burren and soil erosion [laughs].

So apart from turning you into a geek, how come she make such a big impression?

She really encouraged us to discuss things and ask questions and give answers. It didn't matter if you were right or wrong, the important thing was to express yourself.

Did the arrival of the school report send tremors of fear?

I think most children get anxious about their school report. Mine used to be terrible in primary school. Then they discovered I was actually deaf. So things rapidly improved when I got grommets.

What was your eureka moment?

I was very quiet and shy, but in a school musical I played Ado Annie in Oklahoma. The experience really helped develop my confidence.

What would you change about school?

There should be less of a focus on one exam on one day that can affect the whole of your life.

So, finally, where does your name come from?

My father is a big Lord of the Rings fan. Liv Tyler played Arwen in the movie.

Swoon. Liv is definitely everyone's precious...

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