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Classroom confidential RTÉ Radio's John Murray


John Murray has thanked his listeners for their support

John Murray has thanked his listeners for their support

John Murray has thanked his listeners for their support

He may be the smooth-voiced host of RTÉ's John Murray Show, but when he was in school, the host with the most was more class clown than class swot.

So, where did they send you to school?

I went to Synge Street (Dublin).

Were you a model student?

In school I was a bit of a messer, to be honest. But I don't know if I should tell you in case one of my children reads it [laughs].

Did you get into trouble?

Invariably I would be put outside the door. The principal used to look down the corridor and say "Murray, are you there again" and then send me to the shops to run errands like getting him a cream bun.

What memory sticks out the most?

After 4th year everyone had to get a reference for a summer job, so I went into the secretary's office and there were two letters for me. The first said I was of good character and would be suitable for any job. The other letter was a bit of a bombshell.

Yikes! What did it say?

Dear Mr and Mrs Murray, due to continued disruption we won't have any place for your son in 5th year. I knew I was a bit of a messer but it was only small stuff.

So what happened, dude?

Fortunately, the principal who was there left and the new principal sat down with my parents. I promised to be very good and I will be eternally grateful he let me stay in school.

What were your favourite subjects?

English and history were my favourites, but I wasn't very good at the science subjects.

Any teacher leave a lasting impression?

There was a guy who terrified us - Mr Sweeney. But whatever he did, it worked because I got a B in history [laughs].

What was the soundtrack of your teenage years?

Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and Talk Talk.

It was all going pretty well until you mentioned Duran Duran.

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