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CAO Round 2: Points drop for around 200 courses including medicine, nursing and science


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The CAO second round brought points drops for many courses.

Degree programmes in medicine, nursing, business, science and law were among those where offers were made on lower points.

The fall in points brought joy to many who were disappointed in CAO Round 1 earlier this month.

More than 3,700 CAO applicants received an offer in today’s second round – some received two - with many celebrating their top choice.

Overall, it was a mixed bag, with no new offers being made for most courses. Among about 970 honours degree (Level 8) courses, offers were made for about 200.

Among the 3,732 who received an offer, were 1,291 who received an offer for the first time.

Of the 2,908 who received an honours degree course offer, 1,389 got their first preference, while 1,059 applicants for Level 7/6 (ordinary degree/higher certificate) courses received their top choice.

At University College Dublin (UCD), the country’s largest university, points fell for 21 of its 38 entry routes, but many by only one point.

The biggest drop in UCD was for modern languages, down 35 to 345, while two of its nursing programmes also saw significant points falls – general nursing, down 17 to 434, and mental health nursing, down 24 to 419.

For veterinary medicine, one of two UCD courses where Round 1 offers were made on the basis of random selection - meaning not everyone on the points received an offer - Round 2 points remained at 601, but offers were made to anyone on those points.

At Trinity College Dublin (TCD), medicine was one of the courses for which points fell, down from 745 to 742*, the asterisk indicating that not everyone on 742 points received an offer.

Dental science was among the other Trinity courses for which places were offered in Round 2, although the points remained at the maximum 625*.

Physiotherapy at Trinity dropped by one point, to 589*, but there was better news for those hoping for an offer in other health sciences , such as occupational therapy, down from 565 to 555* and human health and disease down from 601* to 590*.

Most nursing courses at Trinity also saw a fall in points, including midwifery, down from 498 to 488, general (Meath and St James’) down from 434 to 429* and general (Adelaide), down from 422 to 409.

Trinity’s popular BESS (business ,economics and social science) course was also one of those to see a fall in points, from 576 to 567*.

At the University of Galway, there was a one point dip for medicine, down from 736* to 735* , while among the other courses to see a fall in points were biomedical science, down nine to 590, biotechnology, down 15 to 485 and arts, down nine to 327.

The arts programme at Maynooth University, the course with the biggest intake in the country, saw a two point drop to 336.

The single biggest honours degree course points fall was at Dundalk Institute of Technology, where electrical and electronic engineering dropped 91 to 270.

Applicants who received an offer the second round have until Wednesday, September 21, at 3pm to accept, if they choose to do so.

Already, 47,708 CAO 2023 applicants have accepted an offer, down from 48,510 this time last year, reflecting a decline in demand for college places from applicants other than school-leavers.

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