Friday 15 February 2019

'Edna' steals the limelight as our Enda is upstaged again

Edel Kennedy

THE new Taoiseach has been caught in another embarrassing incident of g-Enda-bending.

Mr Kenny had waited a long, long time to get to the White House -- so it's a pity no one can seem to get his name right.

Mr Kenny underwent his second 'sex change' in less than a month yesterday when he was referred to by the international media at the White House as "Edna Kenny".

It is not known whether it was the smart pinstripe suit, the green tie, or the wilting shamrock which caused some members of the media to believe he was masquerading as something more risque than the male leader of our country.

But before the gathered press contingent's very eyes, he somehow managed to transform into Edna -- yet again.

The first report to hit the wires from the White House press pool told of "Irish Prime Minister Edna Kenny's" St Patrick's Day visit to Pennslyvania Avenue.

And the Fine Gael leader was also referred to "Eddy" in a report filed by the 'St Petersburg Times'.

"Eddy, dressed in dark suit and green tie, returned the kind words (to Obama)," they wrote.

"More from Eddy in next report," they cheerily ended.

It comes just weeks after the 'New York Times' announced to the world that Ireland had elected its first female leader in the shape of "Edna".

The newspaper -- which prides itself on its factually accurate reports, had to print an embarrassing retraction: "An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to the new Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny as a female. Enda Kenny is a male," it said after the mistake was pointed out -- and after it went viral on the internet.

Sarah Lyall, the journalist who wrote the story, said the facts were changed by an editor before print.

"I sent Mr Kenny to New York as a 'Mr'; an editor there seems to have randomly and unilaterally assigned him a new gender. We've now fixed it. I really apologise," she said.

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