Monday 11 December 2017

Easter egg-stravaganza €34m chocolate splurge

Jason O'Brien

Jason O'Brien

SWEET-TOOTHED chocolate lovers will shell out €34m on Easter eggs ahead of tomorrow's arrival of the bunny.

Estimates from manufacturers including Mars, Nestle and Cadbury reveal we will munch through more than one million kilos of chocolate over the bank holiday weekend.

That equates to an extra five billion calories, and environmental group Repak yesterday urged people to burn off a few of those by taking their used packaging to recycling points.

The eggs consumed this weekend will be wrapped in paper and cardboard from the equivalent of 180,000 trees.

"By making an extra effort to recycle over the Easter period, people can prevent a lot of this waste being sent to landfill," Repak spokesman Darrell Crowe said.

"This year we're targeting to recycle nearly 50pc of all consumer packaging generated, which equates to approximately 13kg of packaging from each household.

"Consumers can also make a difference by making sure to choose Easter eggs and other packaged products with minimal packaging."

And despite the lack of alcohol sales in pubs outside Limerick yesterday, it is estimated people will drink almost five million litres of beer over the bank holiday weekend.

That equates to three quarters of the total amount of beer consumed at the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich, with bottled beers proving particularly popular for obvious reasons.

Repak said householders should make sure glass, tin and cardboard packaging is clean and dry before recycling, and take care that the correct items are being placed in green bins.

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