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Sunday 17 November 2019

Eamonn Lillis cell mates chanted his name during jail standoff over release

Eamonn Lillis leaving Southampton airport Photo: Gerard Farrell/DZ Pictures
Eamonn Lillis leaving Southampton airport Photo: Gerard Farrell/DZ Pictures
Eamonn Lillis outside prison
Celine Cawley
Celine Cawley house, Howth
Eamonn Lillis pictured departing from Wheatfield prison
Eamonn Lillis catches up on the latest movie releases in an entertainment magazine
Eamonn Lillis pictured at Dublin airport following his release from Wheatfield prison. Photo: David Conachy Newsdesk Newsdesk

A GROUP of inmates close to wife killer Eamonn Lillis chanted his name during a standoff with prison authorities over his release.

Lillis, who walked free from Wheatfield Prison on Saturday morning, was originally scheduled to be released on Friday.

However when he discovered that a large group of photographers and reporters were waiting outside, he refused to sign his temporary release papers.

He had to consent to his temporary release on Friday – as officially his sentence did not end until Saturday.

Sources told The Star that a group of around 12 inmates began to chant his name during the standoff.

Lillis made friends with many other inmates, offering them legal advice in the prison library where he worked.

When the 57-year-old walked free on Saturday, he arranged for a taxi to pick him up from the prison.

He then took a complicated zig-zag route through Dublin city centre on his way to the airport, in an attempt to lose the media.

Celine Cawley
Celine Cawley

However photographers were already waiting for him on his arrival at Dublin Airport.

He took a flight to Southampton where he has been staying with his sister since.

It is understood he plans to move to France or Spain  to start a new life after the media attention surrounding his release lapses.

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