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Dwyer linked with neo-Nazi group: claim


SHOT DEAD: Michael Dwyer

SHOT DEAD: Michael Dwyer

SHOT DEAD: Michael Dwyer

The Bolivian authorities have claimed that Michael Dwyer, the Tipperary man shot dead by police two weeks ago, was heavily involved in a neo-Nazi terror group Szekler.

Last week the Bolivian government released pictures of Mr Dwyer and other members of the group posing for photographs surrounded by guns. The group is also suspected of planting a bomb at the home of a Catholic cardinal in Bolivia, the day before he and two Hungarian terrorists were shot dead.

The same terror group which the Bolivians say Mr Dwyer (24) joined last October was suspected of carrying a series of attacks on the homes of Bolivian cabinet ministers, civil servants and politicians since 2006 when its leader, Eduardo Rozsa-Flores, sneaked into the country.

One of Rozsa-Flores' closest associates, also a Hungarian, is living in Ireland and met Michael Dwyer when they worked together for the security firm I-RMS during its contract with Shell. I-RMS was making no comment on the affair but sources in the security industry said the Hungarian they employed had proper credentials and has no known criminal record in Hungary or elsewhere.

On Friday the Bolivian government released pictures taken from cameras found in the rooms in the four-star hotel where five member of the gang were staying. The pictures include several of Dwyer holding guns and rifles.

The 32-year-old Hungarian ex-soldier travelled to Bolivia with Dwyer on October 20 along with two other Hungarians. While Dwyer stayed on, the three Hungarians returned, two to Hungary and the 32-year-old ex-soldier to Cavan. It is believed he and a number of other men of east European nationality attended Dwyer's funeral in Tipperary on Thursday but did not speak to any mourners.

Despite repeated claims that Mr Dwyer was an innocent party and had been associated with "adventurers", photographs released by the Bolivian authorities last week show he was heavily armed and close with the terrorist ring-leader Rosza-Torres, a man who has been implicated in ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia and who, at his own admission, was actively seeking the overthrow of left-wing Bolivian president Evo Morales.

He is also believed to be an active member of Szekler, led by Fozsa-Flores until he was shot dead in Santa Cruz.

In one of the pictures apparently taken on New Year's Day, Dwyer and Rosza-Flores are sitting at a table covered with firearms and ammunition smiling to the camera.

Despite repeated claims that Dwyer was a fun-loving young man with an interest in cars he had a Nazi SS insignia tattooed on his arm. The tattoo was disguised in an elaborate, larger design but is clearly visible on his arm. He joked about it with associates on his Facebook page.

Gardai are now investigating the activities of the neo-fascist Hungarians and Romanians in Ireland who have come here in recent years.

Links between the eastern European fascists and South America date from the end of the Second World War when many Nazis and fascists escaped there.

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