Wednesday 20 February 2019

Dunne's wife seeks probe into Nama 'leak to press'


GAYLE Killilea has called on Nama to launch an investigation into what she believes to be the leaking of her husband developer Sean Dunne's financial records following their publication in a national newspaper.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent yesterday, Ms Killilea slammed the State's toxic loans agency for its alleged failure to protect the information it was given in 2010 by the erstwhile Baron of Ballsbridge, saying: "I presume there will be an investigation in Nama as to how Sean's statement of affairs was leaked."

And while a spokesman for Nama insisted last night that the agency couldn't comment on matters relating to anyone whose loans may or may not be linked to it, Ms Killilea persisted with her claim that it had been responsible for the leaking of information to the Irish Independent.

In its report, the newspaper claimed that Nama was now in the process of investigating the transfer in 2008 by Mr Dunne of lands at the former Irish Glass Bottle (IGB) sportsgrounds in Clonskeagh to his wife, Ms Killilea.

Commenting on the assertion that she had received correspondence from Nama in which it sought information from her on the transfer of the former IGB sports club site, Ms Killilea said: "I have never received any legal correspondence from Nama in relation to the transfer of the IGB site, so it is not possible for me to have declined to provide information on same on legal grounds. Given I am not a Nama debtor, I do not communicate with Nama."

While Mr Dunne could not be contacted for comment, sources close to the developer insisted that the site had been sold to his wife at full market value after Ulster Bank agreed to release the security over his interest in the lands.

Referring to the claim that Nama was now in the process of investigating the transaction, Ms Killilea added: "To the best of my knowledge Nama are not probing this transfer, which I understand they were told about two years ago, and have never 'probed' this transfer."

Ms Killilea insisted there was nothing for Nama to investigate in relation to the transaction. She said: "There is nothing to 'probe', they have all relevant details, in fact I believe facts relating to this transfer are a matter of public record. If they are (investigating it), it is extraordinary that the Irish Independent seems to know about it when I do not.

"The story in itself does not make sense. Why would Nama probe a publicly known transfer between husband and wife that happened in 2008, before they existed and before anyone could have guessed how bad the banking crisis would become? While I am flummoxed that the Irish Independent claims to have seen correspondence that does not appear to exist, I am more concerned that the Irish Independent can claim to have private and confidential information Sean gave to Nama as part of his business plan. It would be a criminal offence for Nama to leak such information."

Mr Dunne's transfer of the IGB Clonskeagh site to his wife is one of three asset transfers which he declared to Nama when he submitted his statement of affairs in 2010. The other two were a "director's loan" of €1.95m and a small amount of shares, worth €635. According to Mr Dunne, the three transfers all occurred in 2008, a full year before Nama came into being.

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