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Saturday 20 January 2018

Dunne says he is still seeing 'shrink'

Tribunal report was 'a setback' but he has 'nothing personal against judge'


BUSINESSMAN Ben Dunne says he still sees a psychiatrist to prepare himself for life's bad days -- and that's how he will continue to cope with the findings of the Moriarty Tribunal against him.

"I spend all my time still taking therapy to prepare myself for situations like this," he revealed to the Sunday Independent. "So that's why I still see a psychiatrist.

"You have to be prepared for the bad days in life. We all get them. But I'm well able to cope with them. The judge had a job to do and now he's done it.

"Now, while I might not agree with it, I have absolutely nothing personal against Judge Moriarty. That's important to me that you asked me, it really is."

The former supermarket supremo said he had no intention of challenging the Moriarty Tribunal's finding that he, along with former Minister Michael Lowry, had "contemplated and attempted" something "profoundly corrupt" when he sought to influence the process of a rent review on a property that he had leased to the State.

"I'm not critical of the judge in any way," said Mr Dunne. "I have no intention of challenging the tribunal or anything like that. It (the tribunal report) has now gone to the DPP and will take its own course from there."

Asked if the Moriarty Report had been traumatic for him, given that its establishment had come about largely as a consequence of his arrest in 1992 in Florida for cocaine possession, Mr Dunne said: "This week's finding is a bit of a setback, but I've had a few setbacks since Florida.

"But I've always continued to move forward and I hope to continue to do. I never take anything on a personal basis."

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