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Dunlop to testify in €53m CAB case

FORMER government press secretary Frank Dunlop, who was jailed for 18 months after pleading guilty to corruption, will appear as a witness for the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) in an alleged €53m "corrupt" land deal action.

Dunlop, who was released from prison earlier this year after serving his full term, will give evidence in connection with the Cab's bid to recover some €53m from property company Jackson Way Properties (JWP) over alleged corrupt enrichment, as a result of the sale of lands at Carrickmines, in South Dublin.

In the action, CAB claims a €53m hike in the value of 17 acres of lands owned by JWP at Carrickmines, after rezoning, was a direct result of corrupt conduct in procuring the rezoning decision.

It says this resulted in the corrupt enrichment of JWP under the Proceeds of Crime Act.


CAB, which obtained freezing orders over the land in 2005 pending the outcome of its action, believes the rezoning decision was procured by corrupt payments to councillors made by Dunlop.

The former lobbyist will now give evidence in the Carrickmines action which gets under way at the High Court today.

Gibraltar-based businessman James (Jim) Kennedy, whom the CAB claim is a beneficial owner of JWP, is also set to give evidence in the long-running action.

The High Court action will be Dunlop's first public appearance since his release from jail.

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