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Dundon tries to regain control after gang splits

A feared criminal is back in his gang's stronghold attempting to gain control of his outfit which is threatening to implode.

Wayne Dundon returned to Limerick, with two bodyguards in tow, as a major split in the McCarthy-Dundon gang threatens to escalate into further violence.

Serious divisions have emerged after assaults in Limerick prison and a recent spate of violence in the Ballinacurra-Weston area.

Dundon, who is accompanied by two Lithuanian bodyguards, is desperately attempting to tighten control.

He is using a 2011-registered vehicle to get around the southside of the city.

Two senior members of Dundon's gang were badly assaulted in Limerick prison this week. One is serving a life sentence for murder.

As tensions continue to simmer towards boiling point, some gang members are attempting to distance themselves from Dundon's control.

An informed source said: "Some of the younger members of the gang are fed up with being pushed around and want to take control for themselves.

"It is happening in the prison, where some criminals have been attempting to distance themselves from senior gang members over recent months and it all escalated this week.

"It is also happening on the outside . . . with younger teens trying to exert their muscle."

Several shooting incidents, arson attacks and a number of serious assaults in the southside of Limerick city have all been linked to the ongoing dispute.

Gardai are keeping a close watch in the McCarthy-Dundons' stronghold of Ballinacurra-Weston as they fear lives will be lost if the violence continues to escalate.

Since his release last year, Wayne Dundon has returned to Limerick intermittently from the UK. He came back after his home suffered fire damage to an upstairs bedroom on Tuesday morning.


Officers from Roxboro Road garda station have warned that the emerging feud could yet result in serious injury or murder if threats between the warring parties are carried out.

The Irish Independent understands that the trouble began after two convicted sexual offenders were released from prison last year.

A number of people have been arrested in connection with recent criminal offences.

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