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Dublin's €19 club sandwich a bargain, says poll

A CLUB sandwich will cost you up to €19 in Dublin hotels, but that's a bargain compared to some other capital cities.

An international survey found Ireland came near the bottom of the price league for a hotel staple.

Paris hotels are the priciest in the world for a club sandwich, which usually consists of toast, chicken, bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise.

They charge as much as €40.10 for a club sandwich and the average price is a hefty €25.13, the survey by booking site hotels.com found.

By contrast, the average price in Dublin is €11.82, though you could get one for as little as €6.95 and as much as €19.

Hotels.com priced club sandwiches at 750 hotels in 26 countries worldwide, taking 30 samples in each city split between three, four and five-star premises. They did not name any of the premises surveyed.

Dublin was near the bottom of the price league, with only Singapore, Beijing, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and New Delhi cheaper.

Paris, Geneva, Oslo and Tokyo were the priciest at over €20 apiece, while prices in Rome, London, Berlin, New York and Madrid were also dearer than Dublin.

Club sandwiches are one of those dishes that you simply have to put on the menu, said Shelbourne Hotel executive sous-chef Kevin Garrigan.

"People are confident with it they're going to get something substantial, and also that they know what to expect wherever they are in the world," Mr Garrigan said.

"Club sandwiches were always top-selling items in hotel bars all day long and if you took them off the menu people would ask for them anyway," he said.

The Shelbourne Hotel charges €14.95 for its club sandwich, which Mr Garrigan said was reasonable for a five-star hotel.

"We put the work into it, we use maple-cured bacon, and a bloomer bread that's twice baked to stop it going floppy, we poach the chicken sous-vide with herbs so it stays nice and moist, it's freshly made to order, and we serve it with fries," he said.

Alison Couper from hotels.com said that holidaymakers didn't always factor in the everyday cost of items such as food and drink when deciding where to go.

"By providing people with a Club Sandwich Index, it is the perfect way for holidaymakers to assess a destination's real cost," Ms Couper said.

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