Monday 23 October 2017

Dublin woman's snow bunny protest halted by Russian authorities in Sochi

Dubliner Laura Dalton protests at the Olympic park in Sochi
Dubliner Laura Dalton protests at the Olympic park in Sochi
Dubliner Laura Dalton protests at the Olympic Park in Sochi

Aishling Phelan

An Irish anti-fur campaigner had her passport detained by Russian police as she protested, holding signs in a skimpy bikini and bunny ears this morning.

Clondalkin native Laura Dalton braved sub-zero temperatures in Russia as she gate-crashed the Winter Olympics to spearhead an anti-fur campaign.

The police confiscated the snow bunnies' signs and passports, before ordering them to leave the Olympic Park area.

The police intervened to try to stop the PETA supporters who were holding signs that read, "Champions Don't Wear Fur" outside the Olympic Village.

The Dubliner was one of two snow bunnies in Sochi warning people that they were wearing the skins of animals who were beaten, electrocuted or strangled to death.

She is an ambassador for animal rights organisation PETA and travelled to Russia to rally against the use of animals for fur and meat.

She planned to disrupt the Winter Games build-up for an anti-fur protest because the location is where the world's largest fur market is staged.

Russia buys more fur than any other country.

PETA have argued that the skin of foxes, sheep, dogs and rabbits belong to the animals and shouldn't be used for coats and cuffs.

Laura was voted the UK and Ireland's sexiest vegan by the group.

Before embarking on the protest, she hoped that she would not get arrested for her actions, but felt that it was a necessary cause.

"The Olympics are a celebration of life and strength, but animals used for fur know only pain and death", she said.

"By refusing to wear skins, anyone can be a winner for the millions of animals raised for their skin, who are never afforded the opportunity to engage in basic behaviour such as running, jumping and swimming."

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