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Dublin teenager arrested in computer hacking swoop


A TEENAGER has been arrested in South Dublin for questioning suspected of links to an international computer hacking group.

The suspect, aged in his late teens, is believed to be one of five men held over the operations of LulzSec.

The group is a spin-off of the loosely organised hacking collective Anonymous.

The suspect can be held for 24 hours.

A spokesman said the investigation was being run by the Garda Bureau for Fraud Investigation and officers were liaising with international counterparts, including the FBI and the CIA..

Swoops on the hardline hacking outfit began on Tuesday morning and it is understood law enforcement agencies in the US, Britain and Ireland were involved.

The loose collection of LulzSec hackers have claimed responsibility for a variety of cyber attacks on big companies such as Sony and US law enforcement and government agencies.

Fine Gael’s website was hacked and shut down in 2011 but the incident was at the time alleged to have been linked to Anonymous.

Two men, including the son of a county councillor, were detained in September last year over the attack and later released without charge.

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