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Saturday 24 August 2019

Dublin teenager (16) stabbed while saving woman in mugging

Tallaght Hospital: Patrick O’Sullivan (16) fought off an attacker during a mugging of a neighbour
Tallaght Hospital: Patrick O’Sullivan (16) fought off an attacker during a mugging of a neighbour
Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin

A teenage boy has been hailed a hero after he was stabbed while trying to prevent a mugging.

Patrick O'Sullivan (16), from Jobstown, needed life-saving surgery after he was stabbed in the lower abdomen by a man who then stole a woman's handbag.

The youngster was walking back to his grandparents' house in Jobstown at around 8.30pm on Friday when he heard a woman screaming.

He ran to help and saw a man trying to steal her handbag. The brave teen intervened, but the thief managed to take the bag during the struggle and fled on a bike.

Patrick gave chase for a short distance but returned to help the woman who was still screaming.

He escorted her to her parents' home where she was visiting that night. It was only when she was safely in the house that Patrick noticed blood seeping through his clothes.

He was rushed to Tallaght Hospital and underwent emergency surgery when consultants realised that he had internal bleeding.

His mum, Marie Davidson, said that Patrick hadn't felt the stabbing initially, perhaps because he was buoyed by adrenaline. Neither he nor the woman involved knew the man had a knife.

"We're extremely proud of him, he's our hero," Marie told the Herald.

"He had to have life-saving surgery because it cut one of his main arteries."

Patrick is recovering in Tallaght Hospital and his mum said he was "doing well".

The woman who was mugged was said to be very shaken by the incident, especially because of the injuries to her rescuer.

Patrick is due to sit his Leaving Cert in May, but he will miss several weeks of school while he recovers. He wants to join the Army, but will attend college to study retail management if the Defence For- ces aren't recruiting immediately.

Marie said that when she arrived on the scene before her son was taken away in the ambulance he was very calm.

"I think the adrenaline had taken over, he's a relaxed person anyway," she said.


Patrick, who has recently taken up boxing, was in surgery for three hours early on Saturday morning.

Marie said his actions were not out of character.

"He's very protective of people - he knows how to treat people properly," she said.

"My priority now is that he is on the road to recovery both physically and mentally."

Gardai said there have been no arrests following the incident and investigations are continuing.


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