Monday 19 March 2018

Dublin politician receives obscene hate mail after fight against sex shop near school

Fine Gael councillor Noel Rock
Fine Gael councillor Noel Rock

Cormac Fitzgerald and David Kearns

A Fine Gael councillor has been the target of vile abuse after he opposed a sex shop due to open near a school in Dublin.

Dublin City councillor Noel Rock, who was mugged over the weekend while getting a taxi, was sent a hand written letter calling him “a f**king catholic ******”.

“So you are proud that you campaigned against the sex shop you think…” the letter says before launching into a tirade of sick abuse. has decided to not post an image of the letter due to its graphic nature.

Posting the letter to his Twitter page, the Fine Gael candidate for the upcoming general election wrote “this morning's mailbag brings some colourful correspondence”.

The letter was in relation to a sex shop in Drumcondra in north Dublin that was opposed by residents, due to its location in a residential area and opposite a school.

Cllr Rock got involved with the campaign on behalf of the concerned residents – and ultimately the shop did not open at the intended premises.

There is no connection between parties involved with the shop and the offensive letter, which was sent anonymously.

Speaking to, he said that although the message was abusive he wasn't too worried.

"I treat this fairly lightly. Obviously the stuff that's being said is fairly serious, but you need to laugh this stuff off I think.

"I've gotten death threats before but this a fair bit short of that.

"It's quite graphic - I laughed at it first but then I had to have second think about it because what's funny to me may alarm friends and family who care about you" he said.

Cllr Rock also said that he wasn't going to pass the letter on to the Gardaí.

"If they put their name to it I'd be happy to engage with them - but they never do that," he said.

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