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Dublin Fire Brigade to recruit 50 new firefighters

DUBLIN Fire Brigade is set to recruit 50 new firefighters, paramedics and despatch operators to boost the ranks of the emergency services in the capital.

Half of the positions will be frontline emergency crews, while the remaining 25 will be taking calls and despatching ambulances and fire brigades.

The positions as firefighters are being advertised in Dublin City Council’s First Post internal staff circular, and the 25 positions of firefighters and paramedics will be chosen from applicants from the four local authorities in Dublin.

A fire service source said applicants will have to fulfill certain criteria regarding age, fitness and ability.


All Dublin Fire Brigade emergency personnel are trained firefighters and paramedics, meaning they can switch from fire brigade to ambulance duties.

“The 25 positions as despatch operators manning the phones and despatching the crews will be advertised in open competition, and successful applicants could go on in the future to become frontline emergency crew members,” the source added.

“This is good news for Dublin Fire Brigade, but these numbers are badly needed. The force is over-stretched as it is and could do with an even greater number of recruits,” they explained.

Dublin Fire Brigade staff |say they are still seeking clarification on whether the HSE plans to take control of the 999 call system in the Dublin area.

Rumours of such a move have been circulating in recent months but no clarity has been established on the issue, say fire brigade sources.

“Emergency calls in the Dublin area have been processed by Dublin Fire Brigade for over 100 years. We set up the system originally,” said the source.

Callers to the 999 service in the rest of the country are processed by the HSE.

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