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Dublin Fire Brigade save the day as stranded 'Soggy Moggy' rescued from Liffey


Firefighters in Dublin came to the aid of a stranded cat on the River Liffey earlier today.

The cat, named 'Soggy Moggy', was placed into a carrier while being removed from the water.

Passerby Sinead McCool was walking to work this morning when she spotted the cat chasing a plastic bag.

The feline then jumped over the wall and ended up in the Liffey in its pursuit of the bag.

Isn't this the cat that got the cream. This lucky feline was rescued by Dublin Fire Brigade today.

Firefighters from Tara Street station came to the rescue, along with members of the DSPCA.

A boat was sent to assist the soaked cat who is now being cared for by the DSPCA.

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