Tuesday 20 February 2018

Dublin Fire Brigade issues warning after electric blanket sparks bedroom blaze

The fire began in the bedroom of this house
The fire began in the bedroom of this house
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Independent.ie Newsdesk

Dublin Fire Brigade have highlighted the dangers of using electric blankets after they put out a fire in south Dublin yesterday.

The fire service tweeted an image of a burned out bedroom where a fire is believed to have originated at the home in Esker, Lucan.

It is understood that an electric blanket was left pulled in for a number of hours, sparking the blaze which gutted the bedroom.

Three fire engines attended an emergency call at 4pm yesterday evening and brought the blaze under control, said a spokesperson for the Dublin Fire Brigade.

“[These] photographs act as a safety message,” they added.

No one was injured in the incident.

Read More: Leaving phone charger on your bed could lead to house fire, NSAI warns

This incident follows on from warnings last month about the dangers of leaving electrical products pulled in on surfaces like beds and sofas.

“Leaving a charging phone or a hair dryer on your bed could lead to a fire in your home,” the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) said after a home blaze in Dublin was caused by a phone charger left overnight on a bed.

“Electrical products like hair straighteners, hairdryers, laptops and phone chargers can be incredibly dangerous if left on beds or sofas,” said a spokesman.

“Although duvets and quilts often undergo flammability tests, accidents like this can still occur,” said the spokesman.

At the time, Dublin Fire Brigade also issued a warning to the public on the danger of using chargers on beds. 

The damage caused by a phone charger fire in Dublin last month
The damage caused by a phone charger fire in Dublin last month
The damage caused by a phone charger fire in Dublin last month

They endorsed the following rules when powering up gadgets, especially mobile phones.

  • 1. Don't buy cheap, unbranded chargers and make sure chargers are compatible to the device being used
  • 2. Don't leave things to charge overnight or beyond the recommended charging time as stipulated in the instructions
  • 3. Don't ever charge an appliance on a combustible surface
  • 4. Do follow the manufacturer's instructions in relation to the device
  • 5. Do keep electrical items away from flammable materials when charging
  • 6. Don't overload sockets

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