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Friday 20 July 2018

Dublin Fire Brigade deliver baby boy in Woodies carpark

Fire Brigade (Stock image)
Fire Brigade (Stock image)

Ian Begley

Dublin Fire Brigade helped deliver a baby boy yesterday evening in a Woodies carpark on the northside of the city.

At around 7pm, a couple travelling on the Malahide Road were forced to cancel their trip to hospital after realising their baby boy wasn't waiting around. 

Pulling into an adjacent carpark near Woodies, the husband rang 999 informing them that they needed immediate assistance. 

Fire crews from Kilbarrick station, with support of the ambulance service, soon arrived at the scene and successfully delivered a healthy baby boy. 

"They were half way down the road and realised that this baby wasn't going to wait," said a member of Dublin Fire Brigade. 

"I think they may have been caught by surprise and weren't expecting it to happen so quickly. 

"They pulled into the carpark and the husband rang 999. Luckily, we were able to get an ambulance and fire engine up just in time. 

"The mammy successfully delivered the baby and were then transferred to hospital.

"They're both doing very well and we were more than happy to provide assistance," he said.  

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