Tuesday 10 December 2019

Dublin councillors to vote on scrapping 30kmh speed limit

Shane Hickey

COUNCILLORS will vote tonight on whether to keep controversial speed limits in the centre of Dublin.

A meeting of Dublin City Council will decide whether a 30kmh speed limit on the quays will be kept or changed back to the previous 50kmh.

A group of 12 councillors have backed a motion calling for the 30kmh limit to be abandoned on both sides of the quays, apart from between Capel Street bridge and O'Connell bridge and on Winetavern Street and Kildare Street.

There has been considerable public anger at the new measures, which were introduced across the city at the end of January after being voted in by councillors.

Drivers have said the measures unnecessarily reduce the speed limits and slow them to an uncomfortable pace. However, it will take between six and eight months for the law to be changed if voted through. This is because the new by-laws will have to go through a public consultation.

The council has said there has been no impact on traffic congestion in the city since the new limit was introduced. The additional time it takes to drive a car 2km at 30kmh, rather than 50kmh, is just over one and a half minutes.

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