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Dublin bike stations 'now fully operational' after connection issue


Dublin Bikes

Dublin Bikes

Dublin Bikes

Nearly half of all Dublin Bike stations around the city were not working yesterday evening following a ‘connection issue’.

A spokesperson for Dublin Bikes said the issue, which affected 41 sites throughout the city, was down to a "connection issue".

However, the issue was resolved last night.

"All sites are now fully operational," a spokesperson for Dublin City Council has said.

Users of the service took to Twitter to vent their frustrations last night.

"Lots of #DublinBikes stations out of order Could not get a bike earlier. Any explanation there folks?," wrote one.

Another wrote: "Just lost an hour of my evening finding a docking space for a bike. All full. Anyone home at Dublin bikes?"

There are now just over 100 Dublin Bike stations across the city and the public bicycle rental service was set up in 2009.

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