Saturday 24 February 2018

"Drugs are a killer and they are killing our young people. Graveyards are packed to capacity with young people in their graves because of drugs. It is just awful."

"Drugs are a killer and they are killing our young people. Graveyards are packed to capacity with young people in their graves because of drugs. It is just awful."

Philomena Lynott, mother of the late rock star, Phil Lynott

"In these cases where there is an unjust aggression, I can only say that it is licit to stop the unjust aggressor. I underscore the verb 'stop.' I'm not saying 'bomb' or 'make war', just stop. And the means that must be used to stop them must be 

Pope Francis on military action against terrorists of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq

"She is an urchin pretending to be grown-up, having the time of her life in Mother's moth-eaten finery, tottering about in high-heeled shoes and sipping ginger ale as though it were a champagne cocktail. She romps, she squeals with delight, she leaps on to the sofa. It is an artless, impromptu , high-spirited infectiously gay performance. It will probably end in tears."

Cecil Beaton the late 
photographer, on Marilyn Monroe from his diaries

"Addiction problems are widespread among classical musicians, for many reasons. There is the lifestyle, the odd hours, working weekends, post-concert socialising. Many players use alcohol and beta-blockers to control their performance anxiety and then, after the 'high' of a performance, musicians can struggle to 'come down' and therefore drink to relax - which becomes habitual."

Rachel Lander, former cellist with UK National Youth 

"I have just returned from a boat trip in south-west France with my two children and my best friend's boyfriend . . . I have seen the future and it's partner sharing. I don't mean in some sordid 70s throw-your-keys-in-a bowl sort of way, but a modern, squeaky clean . . . manifestation. To say it was an unqualified success would be to undervalue the pleasure of a familiar but not intimate male companion."

Mariella Frostrup, broadcaster, after her husband couldn't join her on holidays

"I think the open-necked shirt is really rather ugly. It's all right in the summer with just a shirt on and some shorts maybe, but I've seen people with beautifully tailored jackets on with an open shirt and an awful Adam's apple."

Nicholas Parsons, (90) actor and broadcaster, who has
begun a campaign to bring back the cravat

"I think the public are very angry for a whole variety of reasons, but you can sum it up in two words: broken promises."

Lucinda Creighton, Reform Alliance founder.

"We really owe it to our children to advise them of the many empty churches of every denomination in every parish in Ireland, and to go in there for five minutes, light a candle and shut the world out, for only five minutes can make such a difference to a child's or to anyone's day."

Elma Walsh, mother of the late Donal Walsh, whose courage in the face of terminal cancer was inspirational

"I'm yesterday's person, an old man of 80 years of age. I'm old and grey and grumpy and bad-tempered and I'm losing my wits bit by bit and they haven't approached me."

Gay Byrne on the new UTV Ireland TV station.

"Among the people of Ireland it's 50/50, half love, half hate. That's the way it is with all strong personalities."

Eimear Haughey on her late father, Charles Haughey.

"The removal of a child from the womb in that kind of context is really unethical and there is no other way of putting it. It was far better that the child was removed from the womb to be saved than to be aborted, but it is not natural."

Kevin Doran, newly ordained Bishop of Elphin

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