Sunday 22 July 2018

Driving licence centres hit by glitches

Paul Melia

Paul Melia

MORE than 1,000 applications for driver licences were processed in new licensing centres despite technical problems disrupting service in a dozen across the country.

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) said the issues had been fully resolved when the centres opened for business yesterday, adding that extra staff were employed to deal with customer queries and complaints.

Since Tuesday, motorists seeking to renew or obtain driving licences must travel to one of 34 National Driver Licence Service centres rather than their local motor tax office.

A photograph and applicant's signature are captured electronically before being added to the new credit-card sized plastic licence, which includes a number of new security features aimed at reducing the number of counterfeit licences in place.


But technical problems in 12 out of 34 centres, mostly in the northwest, resulted in a backlog of applications building up. The issue is believed to involve problems connecting with databases needed to record drivers' details.

The RSA could not rule out further disruptions as the system beds in.

"It's a little calmer today," a spokesman said yesterday.

"All of the technical issues are out of the way, and we handled 1,000 public queries on the phone on Tuesday and we're getting on with the business of dealing with the public.

"We still anticipate there will be delays in some centres as we get the system bedded in."

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